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NOVEMBER 12, 2013 AT 2:23 PM

Going for Gold with Burlesque



No matter how many times you enter into the competitions at Cake International, you are still filled with a mixture of excitement and unadulterated fear!  This year was obviously no different.


My design which I was entering into the wedding cake category was a five tiered cake which was based on a burlesque design.  As a big fan of the glorious Dita Von Teese, I wanted to try to bring some of her sultry glamour to the world of cake. 


The cake features elements that represent fishnet stockings, garters, ruffles and bustles, basques and bows, beaded lacework, top hats with flowers and feathers and you don’t get many cakes with pasties do you?  I devoted days of my life to my entry, even down to making each individual sequin on the edible pasties, and I was really happy with how it turned out.


When I delivered my cake to the NEC and walked around the other entries, I was struck by how beautiful they all were, as I am every year.  All the cakes are obviously created by well-seasoned competitors who had spent a serious amount of time honing their craft.  After just five years in the game, I still felt like a novice!


During the judging, the competition area was roped off, and I hung around, as closely as I could trying to hear some of the judges’ comments on my entry, but all I managed to achieve was to appear incredibly suspicious, as they looked under the ruffled skirts of my burlesque babe, and admired her tassles. 


After a restless night, I rang the competition hot line the next day to check whether by the slightest chance I had got a merit.  As the woman at the other end of the phone went off to check her list, I exhaled deeply and crossed every limb possible, fearing the worst.  What I certainly wasn’t expecting was for her to say “Ah yes…you’ve won a Gold Award.  Well done.” 


I must have garbled something back at her which sounded like I was choking, as she asked “Are you alright dear?”  I managed to squeak out a thank you, hung up the phone and whooped around the room in sheer joy, before sitting down and starting to design my entry for the following year….

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