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Songs of Praise - Campfire Communications

No, Ive not suddenly found religion.  I just wanted to sing the praises of a few glorious people and their businesses that I have come across in my line of work.  

First up, is the lovely Melissa from Campfire Communications who has come whirling into my stratosphere.  I followed a small post on Facebook last year announcing that Melissa would be hosting an on-line webinar all about PR for small businesses, so I thought ‘what the hell’ and signed up to it.  

I couldn't log in at home on this particular day as I was out and about, so I ended up buying a sandwich and a coffee in Starbucks so I could utilise their free wifi.   Check me out, I thought, looking like a young, trendy thing with my mocha chocca latte doodah, my laptop on the table, and earphones ready go.  I am coooool.  

Actually, I was bloody freezing as it was the middle of winter and the shop was relatively open air, AND it was the first time I’d ever had to log into someone else’s wifi, or joined in a webinar, so I spent several red faced and frantic moments working out how on earth I could do either, while my coffee got cold.  It can be said that I am a slight technophobe!

Anyway, I made it just in time and spent the hour listening to Melissa’s webinar and scribbling down notes along the way.  She impressed me so much that I immediately booked on to her online course “How to do your own smokin’ hot PR.”  She had gone through the content of the course in her webinar which sounded absolutely perfect for me as a small business owner.  I had expected the course to cost an absolute bomb, but the price was a pleasant surprise also.  As I had booked on so quickly I was awarded with an hour of Melissa’s time as well, as an extra incentive.  

I am half way through the course at the moment, and so far it is proving to be a great success.  It is giving me lots of insight into PR which will really help boost my company, it is easy to follow, and broken down into bite size chapters, so you can pick it up and put it down when you want to.  

I also had my call with Melissa last week, and it was bloomin’ marvellous.  The hardest part was learning how to use Skype (obviously) so that we could actually talk face to face, but once I had that sorted it was really beneficial.  She is such a nice, approachable woman, who gives some sterling advice, and is really happy to help.  

So huge thanks to Melissa, who has not only taught me some invaluable PR trickery, but has also forced me learn Skype, attend webinars and utilise other people’s wifi.  

If anyone else needs a helping PR hand, this is her website: www.campfirecommunications.co.uk or you can find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/campfirecommunications

See you next time. 

Sherry x

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