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NOVEMBER 19, 2013 AT 4:31 PM

Thank You

Thank You

Two little words, but they go such a long way! 

This blog has been inspired by some of my thoughtful customers that I am lucky enough to have. 

In this modern electronic age that we live in (does that make me sound old?) it is so easy to bash out a quick text to thank someone for something, but to little old fashioned me it is so much nicer and more personal to receive a written thank you, and even more special when it comes in the post!! 

Im sure that Im not the only one who still gets a little bit excited when the postman turns up.  Admittedly, its usually only bills, or something that Ive ordered from Amazon, but every now and again there is an interesting looking, hand written envelope which makes me frantic to want to rip it open and see whats inside. 

When that envelope contains a thank you card from one of my customers it really makes my day I can tell you, and it is wonderful to hear how I have been involved in making their day special. 

I know I get paid for what I do, and yes, it is technically a ‘job’, but I always put my heart and soul into all my cakes and try to make them as special as possible for the recipient.  Weddings and birthdays and anniversaries are all huge milestones in our lives, and to know that I have played a part in making somebody’s day that little bit more exceptional, well, that’s great. 

Thank you.


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