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SEPTEMBER 02, 2013 AT 1:00 PM

The Cake House & Isalie - a top team

Last week Claire Garlick from Isalie and I were both involved in the same wedding cake for a lovely young couple who got married over at Hunton Park.  Claire made around 100 gorgeous cupcakes with buttercream swirls to die for, and I was tasked with making the top tier cake to sit above them, complete with the bride and groom. 

I was told that the groom is just ‘a bit’ keen on fishing and has been known to disappear for quite long lengths of time to indulge in his passion, hence Kate thought it would be a fab idea to have him standing on the cake, fishing rod in hand, while she sat on the edge of the cake looking rather stylish in red, catching the hook.

Claire and I set everything up at the venue in good time, and Claire had even made a gorgeous sign to display next to the cupcakes to tell the guests what flavours they were.  

It was lovely to work alongside someone else for a change, and it will be fab to do so again in the future.  Claire is great at cupcakes, and we all know that they are the bane of my life!! 

Cupcakes are in fact just a small part of what Isalie does.  They provide some delicious soups and sauces and pizzas and can put together scrumptious catering packages for different events.  Claire is also going to start providing dessert tables, which is a great idea, and something a little bit different and stylish for a party or wedding. 

Isalie can often be found at local farmers markets or check them out at www.isalie.co.uk.  

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