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SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 AT 5:07 PM

Wedding Cakes of the Future

The Planets Align

This weekend I had the pleasure of exhibiting five of my original cake designs at The Cake & Bake Show at Earls Court in London, on the Squires Kitchen “Wedding Cakes of the Future” display. 

I was told that I only needed to provide two cakes for the display, but as I had so many ideas for new designs floating around in my head, good old motor mouth here said “I’ll do FIVE!”   All well and good, but obviously those five cakes were pretty time consuming!!  Never mind, it was great fun to make them all, and very satisfying to stand back and look at their complete originality when they were finished. 

I roped my husband in to drive me and cakes up to Earls Court last Thursday afternoon to set them up, as I would have gone into sheer panic mode driving round London.  As it was, it took us two and a half hours to get up there, which was pretty hideous. 

Once there, we received our time slot for the delivery bay, and then painstakingly, carried each cake and stand through the huge space that is Earls Court, climbing over half built stands, and rolls of carpet which were yet to be laid, dodging fork lift trucks at every turn!  It was perilous, but we eventually got everything set up, and it was with some trepidation, that I blew a kiss to my little cake babies, and left them to quake in fear as the rest of the exhibition was slowly built around them over night.

I was back at Earls Court the next morning in time for the press conference, and fortunately the cakes had survived the night.  Phew!  One by one various press arrived, and I was interviewed by both Hello Magazine, and Bride Magazine, and invited to send images of my work in to My Wedding Magazine.  All VERY exciting! 

Then at 11am the doors to the exhibition were opened to the public, and it was amazing.  I can only describe the experience as a very fast moving, very big swarm of very large ants all heading straight at us!  I stayed by the cakes for a while, watching the people leaning over them, and poking them and taking pictures of them, but after a while I just couldn’t bear the stress of it, and took myself off for a very large coffee in a quiet corner! 

Anyway, with the weekend, and the Cake & Bake Show now over, and my cakes rehoused once again in their boxes (with no casualties!) I can safely say that it was a wonderful exhibition, with lots of fantastic feedback, and I am already having ideas that I could use for next year, although this time, when they say they only need two pieces, I am going to try and stop myself from shouting “FIVE”!! 

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